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A filmmaking Swiss Army knife, Doc has directed, produced, and edited studio feature films, award winning television series, and immersive documentaries. He draws from his wide ranging experience in production and post production to tell cinematic stories that remain grounded in human emotion, regardless of the medium. His encyclopedic knowledge of editing allows him to shoot efficiently and creatively, while inspiring confidence from collaborators on both sides of the camera. His favorite part of filmmaking is collaborating with actors and crew to create something in which the sum is truly greater than any of its parts. Doc’s instincts and work ethic are trusted at the highest levels, often quietly working as a “fixer” on studio films and TV shows that need fresh eyes to reach their fullest potentials. A musician himself, Doc has edited over 100 music videos and excels bringing stories to life that incorporate music and visual effects. 


Doc was nominated for an Emmy for his work directing a web series and nominated for ACE and HPA awards for his work on the TV show Glee. He is a proud member of the Director's Guild of America, American Cinema Editors, and the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences.

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